Frequently Asked Questions

I want to do a party in (fill-in-the-blank), will you travel that far?

We are based out of Randolph, NJ and cover all of North and Central NJ. We will also be happy to head out to the Nyack/Westchester area, or the Delaware to work in the Poconos. If in doubt, just ask!

Do I need to rent a hall?

Absolutely not. We can set up just about anywhere there is sufficient room. If you are thinking about a party in your home, I can give you the dimensions of our various tables to determine what will work best.

How much time do you need to set up?

We like to arrive about 30 to 45 minutes before your guests to allow enough time to carry the tables in and set them up. We will then "disappear" for a short time to get changed into our dealing uniforms.

How do I go about running a fundraiser casino event?

Most important... allow plenty of time. If this is your group's first fundraiser ever, you should allow a solid three month buffer as there are a few NJ State forms that you will need to have filed and approved. They look a little intimidating at first, but we can help walk you through the process.

If you already have a NJ State ID for your charity and your license is current (paid up), then all you need is to file a Casino Night Disclosure form, which we can provide for you. At the same time, we will fill out a "Form 13" which we will send to you to be filed together with your form. Again, this sounds a lot worse than it really is, and if you get lost along the way, we can help you through it.

Do I need to feed your dealers? (caterers often ask)

Though it's not uncommon for hosts to be kind and offer, it is not necessary to feed our dealers. If anything, a glass of water every now and then never hurts. :-)

How do you make the "funny-money"?

All it takes is a good "headshot" (.jpg for example) of whoever will grace the bill (in Mr. Franklin's place) and I take it from there. I also like to get a few other details like their favorite activities, sports teams, TV shows or celebrities to help further personalize the bill.

What are your reservation and cancellation policies?

To reserve a date, we require a deposit of 25% of the full party cost. This deposit is fully refundable up to 60 days before the party, 50% refundable up to 30 days before the party and non-refundable afterward.

How do guests get their playing chips?

It depends!

If the party is a charity event, then you have two options to gather funds. First, you should offer people the opportunity to "buy" chips, at a discounted price, in advance of the day of the event. Collect their money and give them a receipt which they can present when they arrive.

Second, you should have a table set up a the entrance to your event to handle "evening-of" sales. This table MUST be manned by your organization's people, as we are not allowed to handle cash in any manner. It's best to offer a sliding scale on sales (donations), meaning that if someone wants to donate $25 (for example) they'll get double the money in chips ($50), but if they give $60, then they get triple the amount ($180), etc.

It's a good way to encourage bigger donations, while giving the donor a bonus for being so generous.

If it's a private event, then you can handle it whichever way you please. We've had the most success when the host hands out $500 worth of funny-money to each guest when they arrive. Then the guests simply exchange the "money" for chips once they step up to a table. Typically, the host will offer a few prizes to the biggest winners of the evening.